The Stella Group, LTD, is a clean energy technology optimization and strategic policy firm specializing in blending clean, distributed energy technologies and financing for commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, and mixed-use projects. Scott Sklar has forty years of experience in the energy sector, including national military and energy policy as a US Senate aide, technical performance and standards as Acting R&D Director at the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and business/financing running (15 years) the solar and biomass industry associations and his own company for 13 years.

TSG Specialties:

Building-Integrated Systems

Energy Load Reduction

Stand-Alone Power Generation

Telecommunications & Wireless

Utility Power Augmentation

Recent News:

PepsiCo Installs 3MW PV Facility in Honduras

The largest rooftop PV system in Latin America, located at PepsiCo Bottling Plant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (Photo: Embotelladora de Sula, S.A.) On the roof of PepsiCo’s bottling facility in Honduras the PV developer Smartsolar has installed the largest rooftop...

Sklar Speaks at TEDx

The Stella Group’s Scott Sklar recently spoke to TEDx Herndon on the topic of the future of personal energy use. Check out the video:...

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Scott Sklar

Scott Sklar

Owner, The Stella Group, LTD

Scott Sklar runs a clean energy technology optimization and strategic policy firm, The Stella Group, Ltd, which he founded in 1995 and came on full time to lead in 1999. Read more here.