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New Sklar Publications

Puerto Rico needs Microgrids and Private Buy-in for Reliable Energy by Scott Sklar — 10/04/17 04:40 PM EDT His peer-reviewed paper on zero-energy buildings was published on zero energy buildings in 2013, “Perspective on multi-scale assets for clean energy technologies...

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Historic First

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY: Germany, the fifth largest economy in the world, in 2014 had 50% of its energy from solar and in on day in May 2014 over 70% of its total electricity from solar an wind. The United States 84% of all new electric power was renewable...

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Sklar Speaks at TEDx

The Stella Group's Scott Sklar recently spoke to TEDx Herndon on the topic of the future of personal energy use. Check out the video:  

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